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Server Management

      We manage and monitor Servers such as Windows, Unix and Linux remotely from Allied Digital Global Command Centre and assure secure, reliable and maximum server availability. These services include automatic discovery, inventory, software & OS deployment, and patch management. We monitor key components and the utilization of system resources, including server availability, utilization rate, performance and configuration from Allied digital Global command centre and if required provide the services On Demand at customer site. Through Allied Digital’s Server Management you gain the efficiencies, economies of scale, and capabilities to align your technology with your business. That means you maximize your server return on investment (ROI) and can focus on strategic priorities.
      Our Desktop Management increases efficiency, reliability, and availability delivering desktops from the datacenter as a managed service. Virtual desktops and applications create a more flexible business infrastructure so customers can quickly respond to changing business needs. We deploy applications and desktops faster and with fewer help desk calls for improved business continuity.

We assure you :
Reliability – delivering a high level of server uptime with the goal of zero outages
Security – counting on it to keep your data safe
Flexibility – allowing you to choose from different delivery models through either a utility or standard outsourcing service
Efficiency – supporting best practices in processes, operations, and management
Cost efficiency – maximizing your ROI and moving capital expenses to operating expenses
Innovation – pay for resources on a subscription basis

Our Services include :
Memory, HDD, CPU Utilization, Network interface and external storage availability
Monitoring the availability of Critical Services, Uptime of Servers
Capture average utilization of CPU, HDD, Physical and Virtual Memory
Monitoring status of scheduled back up job
Security and patch notification for the operating system
Performance monitoring of Messaging Servers , Operating system
Alert notification to customers based on agreed Service level agreement