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Data Security

      When it comes to data security, tight access control is critical. Consider the headlines for breaches in data security. Besides the obvious need to control access to a network, data located on laptops that are then stolen ar the number 1 cause for data theft. This is especially relevant to backup data – the things businesses depend on to continue operating in the event of theft, accident, or other data compromise.
      Regarding computer backup strategies, it goes without saying that any form of backup is better than none. When speaking with business owners and self-employed people, it is ne’er a question of should it be done; the questions ar what gets backed up, when, and how? There are 3 main methods of backing up a Windows computer, as shown below:.
Local Media Backup – Backing up to a physically attached device
Cloud Backup – Monthly subscription service backing up your data to the internet
Private Cloud Backup – Backing up to network-attached storage (NAS)

      Though they all have their merits, some options are certainly better than others for most. What is the best method of backup for a Windows computer? This question seems similar to the question “What is the best form of exercise?” While there may be any number of responses, it does depend a bit on the circumstance. To a person that does not exercise, any form of exercise done regularly is the best. To a person that exercises regularly, the time available, equipment cost, and risk of injury may be the factors that matter most.