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Desktop Management Services

      Terabyte’s Desktop Management Services combines effective usage of tools and expertise to ensure the health and performance of thousands of desktops and Laptops & other computing devices across your organization. It’s a component of systems management, which is the administration of all components of an organization's information systems. Enabling the execution and management of key tasks remotely, in a secure environment. It’s Free your IT staff from manpower intensive tasks resulting in greater end user satisfaction and better productivity at reduced costs. We remotely monitor and manage patches and anti-virus for desktops/Laptops, resolving approximately 80% of the tickets raised by central helpdesk remotely from our global command center.
      Terabyte tasks include installing and maintaining hardware and software spam filtering, and administering user permissions. Since past few years, security-related tasks have become an increasingly large part of desktop management, as a result, an increasingly large proportion of administrative resources have been devoted to security-related tasks, such as patch management, fighting viruses and spyware, and controlling grey net applications (programs installed without corporate approval, such as instant messaging, file sharing programs, and RSS readers).

      Our Desktop Management increases efficiency, reliability, and availability delivering desktops from the datacenter as a managed service. Virtual desktops and applications create a more flexible business infrastructure so customers can quickly respond to changing business needs. We deploy applications and desktops faster and with fewer help desk calls for improved business continuity.

      Our Desktop Management significantly cuts the costs and service levels go up. Reduce costs and increase control by availing Allied Digital’s Desktop Management Services. We provide our users the flexible access they demand while increasing IT controls over desktops, applications and data. Our Simplified and centralized desktop management reduces costs, easily meet regulatory guidelines and ensure all desktops and applications are up to date and in compliance.

Streamline management and deployment of desktops and applications.
Bring business continuity and disaster recovery solutions to the desktop.
Ensure corporate security and vendor licensing compliance.

Asset Management:-
Proactively manages assets in heterogeneous environments through continuous and automatic asset tracking system.
Automated hardware & software, network inventory and configuration management provide knowledge of the assets owned by the enterprise.
Extensive reporting feature delivers in-depth information about assets.

Software Distribution:-
Deploy software to any managed device.
Standardize applications across the enterprise.

Patch Management:-
Automatically deploys security patches and Antivirus updates for Desktops and Laptops.
Help reduce administrative costs, improve service levels and reduce business risks associated with security management.

Centrally Managed Antivirus and Endpoint Protection:-
Real-time protection by identifying, reducing and mitigating the risk of virus outbreaks.
Complete control to align antivirus settings with corporate policies and prevent end-user error and intervention.
Host-based Intrusion Preventions System Technology for perfect End Point Protection.

Online Backup and Migration:-
Back Up user data to a hidden partition or network drive.
Simplify migration of user data for refresh or new system.

Software License Monitoring:-
Track software purchases and entitlement.
Meter utilization of installed software.
Black-list unauthorized applications.
Consolidate purchase records for determination of entitlement.
Identify and remediate compliance issues.